Experience two nobilities

You can taste the wine treasures of Ptuj and its surroundings not only at the Ptuj wine cellar, but also at the gorgeous Osterberger cellar, in the intimate atmosphere of Ptuj’s oldest house, at the Kobal wine shop, or the contemporary and arty Vinoteka Kogl. In Ptuj, wine intertwines excellently with poetry, which can be experienced at the Days of Poetry and Wine, and don’t miss the Salon Sauvignon festival either. Enjoy some relaxing moments with a book or newspaper in Ptuj’s cafés such as Kipertz, which serves its own brand of coffee, or Muzikafe, a creative café, where you can also find a little free library. If you want to indulge in literature without limits, visit one of the most beautiful European libraries. If you want to learn more about the keepers of the Slovenian language, also look for:

  • the poetry wall in Ulica Tomaža Šalamuna
  • poems quoted on the wall of Muzikafe in Jadranska ulica
  • Matija Murko’s bust in Sončni Park

wine treasures

town cafés

one of the most beautiful European libraries

streets with poetry