To the heart of the Haloze -

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Whether on foot or by bike, exploring the Haloze hills is an exceptional adventure, as there are not many places where a traveler can pick from so many trails. The trails meander between the hills and valleys, serving you gorgeous views of vineyards, old orchards, and woods. If you want a great view of Haloze, Ptuj and Pohorje, climb up to St. Ana church. Nearby, Borl Castle is overlooking the Drava River from a cliff. The St. Barbara church in Cirkulane has one of the highest bell towers near and far. Ptujska Gora is located in the western, wooded part of Haloze, and hides a true Gothic treasure, the basilica of the Virgin Mary the Protector. It is surrounded by hiking trails, and we recommend you to end an exhausting day with a slice of delicious haloška gibanica cake.


vineyards and orchards

gorgeous views

a Gothic gem

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