Ptuj and its surroundings offer possibilities for a number of adventures. Find one that fits your wishes and interests, and let yourself go in unforgettable moments.

In the green embrace of the river Drava

Catch some relaxing moments on the banks of the Drava River, either in the city ...

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Wine and wellness

Do you know that wine can be beneficial to your body? Treat yourself to a ...

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Beneficial proximity of thermal springs

Treat yourself to a relaxing stay at the Terme Ptuj Spa. The Flavia World of Saunas and Imperium Wellness await you at the Valens Augusta Wellness Centre, where they will see to your regeneration and youthful appearance. Listen to your body and be re-energised at the Fortuna Park with the Pinwheel of Health, have a relaxing walk at the former temple of the god Mithras or visit the forest beach and enjoy the view of the Drava River and Ptuj Castle.

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The mysterious middle ages

Climb up to Ptuj Castle and see museum collections of national significance at the Regional ...

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To the heart of the Haloze

Whether on foot or by bike, exploring the Haloze hills is an exceptional adventure, as there are not many places where a traveler can pick from so many trails. The trails meander between the hills and valleys, serving you gorgeous views of vineyards, old orchards, and woods. If you want a great view of Haloze, Ptuj and Pohorje, climb up to St. Ana church.

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Among vineyards and orchards

You can see the city vineyard below the Ptuj Castle, and the castle’s courtyard is ...

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An old town, yet young at heart

Even though Ptuj is Slovenia’s oldest town, it has a young heart. Feel its beat by ...

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Kurentovanje in Ptuj

When winter says goodbye and spring is on the doorstep, the streets of Ptuj transform ...

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Boris B. Voglar, Photographer

Some of us are returnees, who always learn something new as it is never the same. Interesting facts and 'Easter eggs' come only from the mouths of true experts.

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