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Guided tour

Ptuj’s true beauty is hidden in countless details and stories from its long history. Do you know why the city tower only has a clock on three of its sides? Can you locate the oldest house in the city?

Our seasoned tourist guides will gladly answer these and all your other questions. A walk through the city will take you to its main attractions, but the guides will also divulge some information that cannot be read in guidebooks.


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old town

Tour duration

90 or 120 min

Group size

1–50 people


throughout the year

Meeting point

Upon appointment



A walk through the oldest Slovenian city takes you past Roman monuments and magnificent medieval facades. Cobbled streets and squares lead you to one of the most majestic castles in Slovenia that offers a view over the roof tiles of medieval monasteries, churches, and other buildings. Discover the rich history of the town with our tour guide.

Guided tours are available in Slovenian, German, English, Croatian, Italian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Slovak and Czech.

Guided tours for groups:

  • every day of the year with a booking (through an online form or

Guided tours for individual visitors (available from 1 July to 31 August):

  • every Friday at 3 PM in Slovenian
  • every Saturday at 3 PM in English

User reviews

Orijana, Slovenia

We would like to once again thank our guide who took us through your beautiful city on Saturday. We were very satisfied with the way she presented the history of Ptuj, and will fondly remember the city thanks to her

Dragana, Croatia

Thank you so much for your guided tour of Ptuj, which we thoroughly enjoyed. Ptuj is wonderful and interesting, and we hope to visit it again soon.”


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