Carefree wine & wellness. My weekend for women

Experience a relaxing wine & wellness break for women that includes:

  • Luxurious beauty and relaxation treatments that will awaken the Venus in you.
  • Discovering the rich local wine tradition with a tasting of selected wines made with creativity and love.
  • A relaxing get-together, accompanied by exquisite traditional local dishes transformed into modern combinations and plates.


Selected wines

Culinary delicacies

Choice of accommodation

Awaken the Venus in you, allow yourself to unwind.

The package includes a service of your choice. 

Valens Augusta massage           50 min

Relax and wake up the Venus in you with a manual full-body massage, an anti-stress head massage, and a foot massage.

Basic facial BABOR                    60 min

Treat yourself to a facial treatment right for your skin type. Deep cleansing and a scrub will be followed by a mask and massage of your face and cleavage.

Wellness manicure                   up to 30 min

Your hands will shine. In addition to the classic manicure, and nail scrub and mask, your nails will also get a coating of your favorite color. And they will gift you a nail file and nail polish for you to take home.

Wine tasting of choice

The package includes a wine tasting per person at a local winemaker of your choice in the town center.

Wine & chocolate 4 samples/2 persons, 60 min

Wine 4 samples/2 persons, 60 min

* €10/extra person 

You can pick from the following winemakers:

Kobal wine shop is located in the oldest house in the town center, dating back to the ancient Roman era. An experienced enologist will guide you through a unique wine adventure full of select flavors and aromas.

Ptuj Cellar – the oldest Slovenian wine cellar will welcome you with a harmony of flavors created by Pullus wines and Luciffer chocolates*. Groups and those who prefer traditional tastings can enjoy in selected vintages and tastes.

Kogl wine shop in the old town will inspire you with colorful aromas of their own-brand wines. They will also open the door of their cellar in Velika Nedelja to you, and show you how the wine “grows”, matures and lives in the barrels.

Osterberger wine shop is located in an 11th century cellar in Hotel Mitra, the oldest hotel in Ptuj. Their tasting of wines from Podravska and wider Štajerska region as well as other Slovenian wine regions is an exploration of the rich history and stories of the town’s and country’s wine culture.

Castle Wine Cellar** presents wines of small winemakers awarded at the Castle Wine Competition. They will take you on a voyage through the region’s history of winemaking in the charming environment of the Ptuj Castle.

** Tastings in the Castle Wine Cellar are organized for groups of minimum 5 people

A carefree gourmet experience

The menu includes a starter or soup, main dish, dessert

Discover the humble traditional local ingredients and you will be surprised by Ptuj’s diverse flavors.

Three-course menus are available in restaurants in the town. Providers:

  • A la carte Restaurant Primus
  • Restaurant Amadeus
  • Restaurant Grabar
  • Restaurant PP
  • Restaurant Pri Ovinku
  • Restaurant Pri pošti
  • Restaurant Ribič
  • Restaurant Rozika
  • Inn pri Tonetu Svenšku

Let yourself be seduced by Taste of Ptuj and discover dishes that interpret the local tradition in a contemporary manner, guaranteeing a unique culinary adventure.