Orpheus Parade 2019 - ptuj.info

The traditional Orpheus Parade on December 26th at 4 PM will once again offer the best Slovenian entertainment and music hits of the past year. Luka and Pepi, together with their co-host Danica Godec, are preparing an unforgettable concert packed with laughter, good music and prizes for visitors.

Tickets avaliable at a pre-sale price of 12 Eur: Jager Ptuj and Moškanjci, Sandra Spuhlja bar, Špic bar and Market Markovci, Darinka Jursinci bar and Radio – Tednik Ptuj.

This year’s festival will include the following music artists:

Tanja Žagar , Dejan Vunjak , Domen Kumer , Saša Lendero, Sergie Lugovski , Modrijani, Ensemble Prsrčniki, Ensemble Smeh, Ensemble Opoj, Ensemble Petka, Ensemble Slovenski Zvoki, Ensemble Šepet, Petovia Kvintet, Trije Tanori, Luka & Pepi and more.


Date and time

Thursday, 26. December 2019 from 4 PM to 7 PM


Ljudski Vrt, 2250 Ptuj