Fragile Levitá – Luca Piovaccari

Art Stays

Instability and immateriality are the concepts that fearlessly pervade the showcased works. If the soul has weight, as we discover from exploring the clouds of the heavens, and erecting buildings made from fine threads of wool, then let us now focus more closely on tiny fragments of grass and paper. Delicate, minimalist vegetation elements, which grow from the wall epidermis with an ephemeral consistency.
Nature. If we let it run free, it will use its complex exchange of interactions to occupy once again the spaces that used to belong to it.
And again, we find ourselves studying that which is self-evident and banal, the little things, putting a new perspective on the obvious. During the visual process, the errors serve as a matrix for inventions.


Artist: Luca Piovaccari




Gallery FO. VI
Strnišče 6
2325 Kidričevo

Date / 10 Jul 2018 to 21 Jul 2018
Time / 19:00


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