Opening folk Ethno parade

Kurentovanje 2018

The Opening Ceremony of the 58th Annual Kurentovanje will be followed by a lush international parade, displaying many ethnographic characters from different countries of the world. The parade is the heart of Kurentovanje and is simply mesmerizing to see. Alongside the well-known Kurent, many other Slovene ethnographic characters will present themselves to the audience, such as “Diggers”, “Gypsies”, “Plowers”, “Rusa”, … and a wast selection of characters from abroad as well.

Parade route: Prešernova ulica – Slovenski trg – mestna tržnica (tržnica stage: Slovene and German) – Mestni trg (main stage: Slovene and English) – Minoritski trg (minoriti stage: Slovene and Italian)

Parade path:

Opening folk parade


Mestni trg
Parade through the city streets and squares
2250 Ptuj

Date / 03 Feb 2018
Time / 11:00