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Ptuj Tourism Public Institute was established in 2016 by the Municipality of Ptuj.

The institute’s purpose and mission is to promote and facilitate comprehensive and high-quality tourist services, coordinate and connect tourist providers, promote ethnographic, cultural and sports events, and take advantage of the natural resources that are vital to tourism, and encourage the development of tourism in the Municipality of Ptuj.

Institute’s ID
Name: Javni zavod za turizem Ptuj (Ptuj Tourism Public Institute)
Short name: Zavod za turizem Ptuj (Ptuj Tourism Institute)
Director: Tanja Srečkovič Bolšec
Address: Murkova ulica 7, SI-2250 Ptuj
T: +386 (0)593 08 335
Email: info@ptuj.info
Website: www.ptuj.info
Company registration number: 7040245000
ID for VAT: 87736586