More than just a celebration of wine

St. Martin's Day

St. Martin's Day in the city that boasts the oldest wine cellar in Slovenia is always a special experience. As countless winemakers and farms present their products, special attention is paid to the program featuring lectures and guided tastings, as well as guided tours through the wine secrets of Ptuj.

10:00 St. Martin's market opening with winemakers from Ptuj

10:15 St. Martin's city playground for children

11:00 Grand opening of St. Martin's celebration with the Mayor of Ptuj and proclamation of the new Ptuj wine queen

11:30 Tamburaški orchestra Cirkovce

12:00 Beginning of the pre-carnival time with all the carnival princes

13:00 Mini brass band Pepi krulet

15:00 A toast from the mayor of Ptuj and a presentation of the wine vintage

15:30 Medieval wine games

17:00 Poskončni muzikanti band

21:00 Mladi gamsi band



Old city center
Mestni trg
2250 Ptuj

Date / 11 Nov 2017
Time / 10:00